The New Chuck Taylor.

Considering how much of a Chuck Taylor junkie I am, I figured doing a post on my site about this was appropriate. While stopping by Inventory Mag earlier I saw this post about the anatomy of the “new” and “updated” Chuck Taylor that is soon to be released( or has been released). During my research I found out that the new and improved models with come fully equipped. This includes a Vibram non-slip outsole, new leather lining and an insert in the sole for extra cushioning. This new model is also said to be made with upgraded stitching but still stays pretty true to its original silhouette. Here’s the kicker, the retail on these is in the 3 digit category. Now, I understand that the Vibram sole must cost a bundle and all of these improvements make the shoe quality much better but I’m not sure if I am sold on it. I do have a question though, will these be made here in the states? If so this might add to the high price point. All in all I respect the idea and the Chuck Taylor but I think I will stick to the original which has always worked for me anyways.



2 responses to “The New Chuck Taylor.

  1. You know, I too love the Chucky T., but I’ve shied away from it in recent years because of the comfort issue. I think I’d consider scooping a pair of oxfords. Obviously I’d have to see them in person, but I think the concept is outstanding. They are in desperate need of a better insole, and I love the Vibram outsole. So kudos to Nike for putting it out there. I’m sure they’ll be a big hit. And I can guaran-goddamn-tee you they’ll not be made in the states.

  2. I saw this too. Nike’s finally updating the model. Might as well…

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