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Me As Of Lately.


S.B. Foot Tanning Company.

I know I’ve seen this video on a handful of other sites and even though I try not to post things from other sites I didn’t care when it came to this. Its a quick little tour inside the S.B. Tanning Company in Red Wing Minnesota. Not only are the visuals cool but the words spoken are even better. Stuff like this means a lot to me. Enjoy.

Mr. Plainview.

Is it weird that Daniel Plainview kind of inspires me?



If you live in Atlanta you should be familiar with this. I have a huge collection of the smaller cube ones from over the years. What fascinates me about this is how you come across these. Out of the blue you will notice one looking right you. Whether its on a bus stop, a shelf in a store or sitting on a park bench. Ive always and still think its a collective effort of people or this guy follows me around because most of my collection comes from the handful of shops I’ve worked in around this city. I just found one the other day that was magnetic and stuck to one of our mirrors at the store. You cant help to pick it up because it is “4U”. What a cool video and I enjoy your work sir.

source: Neo Southern Gentlemen




Now, I do not normally re-post things I see on my daily reads but when I came across these this morning I thought I should share. Maybe it is the nerd in me but I really thought this was cool and for some reason it brought a little smile to my face. So what the hell, I figured I’d share. I came across this first on The Pursuit Aesthetic which after reading his post on this brought me to his source of the illustrations from Cork Grips. I like people and things that are fun. These are fun. Enjoy. Click either links to see more.