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Wooden Ships.


Spencer Davis Group.

The Drums.

Sorry for the lack of my participation lately. I’ve been super busy and just have not had the motivation that I should have towards this. I will be back to my normal routine shortly. In the mean time enjoy the music.

Wild Horses.

A Long Time Gone

I Found These.

My friends that know me know that I am a classic rock junkie. Its my favorite type of music to listen to, always has been. I was raised on this stuff. Now don’t get me wrong HIP HOP is apart of  me as well but this rock music is apart of my life in so many ways. Sometimes when I fail at in finding vintage apparel, I win in finding great records. All of these above are from one thrift store in one day. I hit the jackpot (something I kept saying a lot with a big smile on my face) when I found all these in one stack. All originals and in pretty great condition. I wonder what happened to cause someone to dump all of this great music? Well now its in my possession and I promise to enjoy them just as much as the person before me did. I was gonna take pics of them all but I’m sharpening my copy and paste skills so I figured I would just do a collage of all the albums I found that day.

Don’t Let Me Down.

Ok, I am a huge Beatles fan. To me, the music they made changed the world we live in. Even still today I think they have an influence on our society. This video above is a recording of their last performance together. How incredible would it have been to witness this, the last Beatles performance. You can’t ask for a better way to go out. I think this is my problem with modern music. The majority of musicians today just do not care about the affect they have on their fans or even the world we live in. Think about this, some of the best music ever came about in protest of war and government. Currently, we are in 2 wars and things are worse than ever. So instead of music about these things we have songs about a bunch of crap that doesn’t mean a thing. We live in so much of a “me” or “mine” kinda world. Do you actually think something like this could ever happen again? I always say living in the past might not benefit the future but what can you do when the past just seems so much better sometimes?