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Me As Of Lately.


1000 Mile.

Something like this means a lot to me these days. Yeah, it is easy to sit here and say it’s just a boot or an article of clothing but really in my opinion its just something much more than that. I received these boots right before Christmas from Wolverine. I was really excited and super happy that they hooked me up with these. I’m always a fan of anything that is made right here in the states. To think that someone’s uncle “Mike” made these and someones aunt “Sally” packaged them etc. To me that’s everything, it’s the story behind the product that allows me to feel special about owning something like this. Plus the fact that its made from a top-notch company that uses top-notch craftsmanship and materials. While up in NY for labor day weekend I learned that my great-grandfather was a shoe maker for most of his life. Having a boot that is based and made the same way  he made boots makes it even more special. I took some detailed shots and those are on the next page. I just need to say thank you to Ty from Wolverine for the great gift. I plan on doing some real damage in these very soon.

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I Saw This.

I started a “photo blog” over 2 years ago through Tumblr and I’ve never really promoted it until now. Occasionally I will do a link on the Facebook or Twitter but nothing major. It consists of only photos that I’ve taken with my camera on my blackberry. It’s all original content of things that I see or things that are around me from day to day. I am making a personal goal to get extremely involved with both of my sites this year. Its time to do some work. So when you have a chance check it out. Oh, and for those of you that might be wondering about the photo of me? I can’t say anything about it right now. I took part in a shoot this weekend for some friends and it is top secret for now. But you can check out some of the photos from the day here iamtheary.

Mr Ryan Saw This.

Snow Day.

Since I am in Atlanta and we got about 6inches of snow last night and now it  is raining ice outside, I”ll be staying inside for the day. So above is my “staying the house” essentials for me.

J Crew Henley

J Crew Fleece Sweatpants

Wool Socks

Halflinger House Shoes

Pendleton Blanket


Warm Soup


Tim finished up a repair job on my APC denim the other day at the Street Local office. He fixed a crotch blow out, the knee and  some other random  places. I also had the length of the legs altered a little bit. So you could probably imagine how much I’ve been wearing these again. I haven’t worn them in while do to all the holes and having a new pair of RRL to break in. I’m getting some repairs done on those so if you see me out and about I’ll have these on. If anybody in the Atlanta area needs some work done on any denim or clothing at that, give me a shout. Street Local Industries will be offering this service when we launch our new site and new product line.

Fits Sock Co.

Being that fall is kind of showing up here in Atlanta and winter will be here before you know it, I have been sock crazy lately. Not a day goes by with out wearing a pair of Smartwool or a pair of these guys. Fits socks are my new jams for my feet. They are super comfy, super thick and super American. As my buddy Noose says “these are made right up the street in Tennessee”. They range anywhere from $16- $22 for a pair. In my opinion its a small price to pay for taking care of your feet.

Eastland Boots.

I bought these boots for 39.99 and I am really happy with that $40 spent. They are suede and feel great! These are one of the most comfortable boots I have ever owned. Although some will say they are a “Red Wing Knockoff” I am still proud of these guys.  For those of you that want a similar looking “moc” style boot but can’t afford it or don’t wanna shell out the 200 bucks I suggest trying these. Here is a link to the Eastland site but you can probably find any colorway on sale if you just take the time to look for it. I still plan on getting a new pair of Red Wing this fall/winter but for an everyday boot, this is my winner.