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Cinnamon Girl.

Me As Of Lately.

S.B. Foot Tanning Company.

I know I’ve seen this video on a handful of other sites and even though I try not to post things from other sites I didn’t care when it came to this. Its a quick little tour inside the S.B. Tanning Company in Red Wing Minnesota. Not only are the visuals cool but the words spoken are even better. Stuff like this means a lot to me. Enjoy.

Mr. Plainview.

Is it weird that Daniel Plainview kind of inspires me?

Iron Ranger.

It doesn’t really get any better than these. Made in the US of A, Red Wing Minnesota to be exact.

1000 Mile.

Something like this means a lot to me these days. Yeah, it is easy to sit here and say it’s just a boot or an article of clothing but really in my opinion its just something much more than that. I received these boots right before Christmas from Wolverine. I was really excited and super happy that they hooked me up with these. I’m always a fan of anything that is made right here in the states. To think that someone’s uncle “Mike” made these and someones aunt “Sally” packaged them etc. To me that’s everything, it’s the story behind the product that allows me to feel special about owning something like this. Plus the fact that its made from a top-notch company that uses top-notch craftsmanship and materials. While up in NY for labor day weekend I learned that my great-grandfather was a shoe maker for most of his life. Having a boot that is based and made the same way¬† he made boots makes it even more special. I took some detailed shots and those are on the next page. I just need to say thank you to Ty from Wolverine for the great gift. I plan on doing some real damage in these very soon.

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