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Mr. Plainview.

Is it weird that Daniel Plainview kind of inspires me?


Countyline General Merchandise Updates.

My good friends from  Countyline General Merchandise and Supply Co. have updated the online shop recently. I feel like everytime they update with new merchandise I can see myself buying a bunch of stuff. Like I have said before, the product is cool and the prices are fantastic. So if you are into cool things I suggest checking them out. I will also give you some advice, if you see something you think you want? Go ahead and buy it because I promise these guys do not sit on stuff for long. They are really growing a business here.

Countyline General Merchandise & Supply Co.

Some really good friends of mine have a really great Etsy store up and running. They named it Countyline General Merchandise and Supply Co. When you have some time you should check it out. It’s all vintage goods, clothing, housewares, jewelry etc etc. They have tons of stuff and everything is priced great.

Get Fuct.

I recently re-gained ownership of this classic t-shirt done by a brand called Fuct. I’m pretty sure most of the people who come to this site are well aware of this influential brand and what its owner Erik Brunetti has contributed to what most like to call “Streetwear”. In my eyes he started the whole thing. I don’t think anyone can argue with that statement. Although me personally, I am not into graphic tees like I once was but I still respect a classic when I see it and still have some gems tucked away in my closet. This t-shirt is pretty special to me. I had it once before during my younger days and lost it due to moving around as a kid. Just recently Farshad from Standard handed it to me. The t-shirt was re-released a few seasons ago. Although my bong rip days are well behind me, I still get a kick out of the graphic. If you grew up during the late 80’s and through out the early to mid 90’s and skated then your probably familiar with this tee. It brings back memories for me.

One thought and not to get on a tangent, I could but I won’t, but its kinda sad to me what has happened in the communities of skating and music with the fashion that comes along with it all. I remember a time when you had to earn what you represented. These younger guys have it so easy today. I feel the people in my age bracket early to mid 30’s created so many things and these things are already being recycled. What worries me is nothing new is being created. Nothing original is coming out of these worlds anymore. Many of these younger guys are taking what we did and are acting like it is their own. Sorry guys, we already did all that. Now do get me wrong I have no problem with bringing things back but I guess what bothers me is the attitude that comes with all this stuff these days. This sense of “being cool” when you did nothing to earn it but turn your computer on.  My apologies for sounding like an old fart but it’s just how I feel.

A Labor Day Weekend Car Show.

I recently took a trip to visit my parents in Auburn NY. It’s a small town upstate and it’s where I am originally from. I left when I was just 14 years old and have only been back a few times since. Nothing has changed. It has about 20k people in it and everyone knows each other. I noticed I kept calling it “Mayberry”. It was a good trip and I had a blast visiting my parents and the rest of my family. I stayed through the weekend so on Sunday my dad took me to a car show. It was a great Sunday afternoon, the weather was in the high 60’s and with tunes from the late 50’s early 60’s cranking through the show it was a perfect day. I snapped a bunch of photos but here are a few of my favorites. My dad knew a handful of the owners and had a story for each one of their cars.

Besides just having cars and trucks on display, people had booths set up selling a bunch of vintage things from old car parts, signage, tools and everything else you could think of. I really wanted this sign. Click over to view the rest……

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The High Life.

Team Hosoi.

When I think of my childhood so many memories come into play. Running around in the streets with friends, playing baseball in the summer, all the things that deliver the meaning of “being a kid”. Some of my best memories come from growing up on a skateboard. I had a blast doing so. I wish sometime I could take a time machine back to my youth. When my parents moved they gave me a bunch of my childhood belongings and this was one of them.  This was my first real pro model I ever skated so its kinda ironic that it’s the only one that survived. The once red colored grip tape on the other side was carved into a “crackle” design.  I also had the Hosoi Rockets for wheels but cant remember what trucks I had? Anyways, a blast from the past for me.  I hope kids today will be able to have memories like I do.