Iron Ranger.

It doesn’t really get any better than these. Made in the US of A, Red Wing Minnesota to be exact.



If you live in Atlanta you should be familiar with this. I have a huge collection of the smaller cube ones from over the years. What fascinates me about this is how you come across these. Out of the blue you will notice one looking right you. Whether its on a bus stop, a shelf in a store or sitting on a park bench. Ive always and still think its a collective effort of people or this guy follows me around because most of my collection comes from the handful of shops I’ve worked in around this city. I just found one the other day that was magnetic and stuck to one of our mirrors at the store. You cant help to pick it up because it is “4U”. What a cool video and I enjoy your work sir.

source: Neo Southern Gentlemen

Are Bernard.

I am really looking forward to this for a few reasons. The first being that I have meant to go by a show at ABV since¬† Greg has opened it but for one reason or another I haven’t been able to make one. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the space and the shows that have taken place. I know Greg (the owner of ABV) always puts in the hardest of work so I know without a doubt him and Mr Are Bernard will have everything on point for Friday. Another and probably the most important reason why I will be attending is for the man of the night Reggie (Are Bernard). Ive know him since he was a younger guy and to see him work has hard has he’s been over these last few years on his art makes me proud of him and happy that he has reached this level so fast. If your not familiar with his work you can check out his site here. I have a feeling most of the city will be in attendance and I am excited about seeing everybody under one roof. This show will be one you do not want to miss.


The Stone Roses.

The New Chuck Taylor.

Considering how much of a Chuck Taylor junkie I am, I figured doing a post on my site about this was appropriate. While stopping by Inventory Mag earlier I saw this post about the anatomy of the “new” and “updated” Chuck Taylor that is soon to be released( or has been released). During my research I found out that the new and improved models with come fully equipped. This includes a Vibram non-slip outsole, new leather lining and an insert in the sole for extra cushioning. This new model is also said to be made with upgraded stitching but still stays pretty true to its original silhouette. Here’s the kicker, the retail on these is in the 3 digit category. Now, I understand that the Vibram sole must cost a bundle and all of these improvements make the shoe quality much better but I’m not sure if I am sold on it. I do have a question though, will these be made here in the states? If so this might add to the high price point. All in all I respect the idea and the Chuck Taylor but I think I will stick to the original which has always worked for me anyways.



My good buddies in the Charlotte area are having a sale prior to the heavy spring deliveries. I really dig this flyer so I had to post it. AC who did this for you guys? If you get a chance swing by if your in that area if not you can connect with these guys via the online shop.

1000 Mile.

Something like this means a lot to me these days. Yeah, it is easy to sit here and say it’s just a boot or an article of clothing but really in my opinion its just something much more than that. I received these boots right before Christmas from Wolverine. I was really excited and super happy that they hooked me up with these. I’m always a fan of anything that is made right here in the states. To think that someone’s uncle “Mike” made these and someones aunt “Sally” packaged them etc. To me that’s everything, it’s the story behind the product that allows me to feel special about owning something like this. Plus the fact that its made from a top-notch company that uses top-notch craftsmanship and materials. While up in NY for labor day weekend I learned that my great-grandfather was a shoe maker for most of his life. Having a boot that is based and made the same way¬† he made boots makes it even more special. I took some detailed shots and those are on the next page. I just need to say thank you to Ty from Wolverine for the great gift. I plan on doing some real damage in these very soon.

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